beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site
beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site

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beacons beachbeacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site

I get a wide variety of emails about Beacons...
here are a few of the comments.

>>Hi, I really like your website. 10 years ago I lived in Encinitas and miss the beach very much. My children live their now, so I do visit. I hope you plan on updating the website with new news, because it sort of makes me feel less homesick for Beacons.<<

>>Cool site, makes me feel like a real local.<<

>>Hey, dude, don't you be putting any surf cams up about beacons.<< Sorry, duuuude, the surf cam is up.

>>Kenzie, do you help people with their web sites?<< No, but if you are a large company seeking an online presence see

>>Great website!!! Can you add me to the site? Ripping Ron<< Ripping Ronnie, you are now online...

>>Great site. The content is there. Start counting your IPO money, you are there....<<

>>Kenzie, the site looks great and makes me home (and surf) sick! I love the surf cam... I watched the cam at 1600 your time. Lots of cars, looked like a great surf day, nice swell and glassy. It looked sweet... I do miss surfing Beacon's since I moved to England.<<

>>Way cool site... u are going to be a great surfer, and a real smart one too...... see u at beacons.<<

>>I read your Dad's post to the Link Exchange Digest. I decided to check out this site that a kid was doing. I like it ! So I am going to put a link to you on our site. it will be on out links page along with the links to CNN and other major sites. <<

>> I looked all over for the Endless Summer surf video and found it at your site. THANKS for finding the movie for me - and a great price!!!! <<

>> You're site rocks! Hey. I checked your site out. I was impressed and wanted to tell you that I think your site is really cool. Nice job.  <<

>> are you sure you are only 10 years old?<<

>>Kenzie: A great tide chart. Who would have thought a tide chart could be so interesting? I like to advance it quickly to see how the changes flow. The night surf cam shots are trippy.<<

>>You're breakin' my heart....'cause you're there and I'm not. Ah, but there are memories...and I don't even surf. Great site. 

I know Beacon's and Leucadia; my favorite surfer lives just down the hill...and my favorite dog's ashes went out on the tide. If I can get back to stay...I'll never leave again. And I sorta wish North County would stop growing...sooner stop the tide, I know.  Enjoy the day for me...I'm in Chicago and it's a cozy 30 degrees. <<

>>Great site! I love it! But don't tell anybody else about Beacons.<<

>>How do I get my picture on your site?<<  Go to our "how to get your picture on Beacon's Beach" page.

>Subject: i love beacons 
Great site kid, i'm amazed ~! i'm up in chico CA right now goin to college, the one thing i really miss is beacons beach! i'll be down on summers though, on the beach every day! thanks so much for the cam! just dont 
spread the word to fast!!! -peace -Dan  'encinitas & beacons local' <

>Dear Kenzie,  I am a sixth grade teacher in Ashland, Ohio. I used to live in Encinitas in the early 1970's. I used to live on 4th Street and walked to Moonlight Beach and Boneyard and swim. A friend who lives near Santa Cruz says that Moonlight is gone. Is this true? Is the La Paloma still there? I miss the Pacific and haven't seen it since 1974. Keep it clean. I'll be coming out with my wife and children next summer. Ask your mom and dad if they remember Thom Zeidervelt (spelling?). He used to operate a leather shop in Leucadia and Encinitas. Buenos Dias. Mark<

>I moved from Enci. to Portland, OR. Your webcam is the only thing that keeps me sane. I miss those sick sunny daze in Qualeudia! Joany<

>Just want to let you know I'm still checking in to see what's new in the a lot of others are too. Hoping for some updates soon...I've read everything twice. You must be busy in school...and frankly, I'd rather spend time on the beach than at the 'puter, so wouldn't be surprised if you would too. All the the site...more!  OTHG  Tessa<

>?Hey~ Well I have some friends that live in Carlsbad, who moved there about a year ago. I currently live in Portland,Oregon. I hope to attend college in San Diego this coming fall. Anyways, while I was visiting my best friend we went down to Leucadia constantly. i found a great little shop, The Long Board Grotto. Well I havent found a number or an address since and would love if you had any idea of there address which you could give me. Anyways I love it down there! I'm so jealous, especially since I some what learned how to surf and now have no where to go. Your website is wonderful, it is nice to see what is going on down there. Thanks so much, Tory Thorson p.s. ~ Leucadia donuts are the best!  Surfwahine6<

>Subject: Love Beacons I love this site! I started surfing Beacons only 3 years ago, but have found everyone out there very friendly! I try not to take new people there or talk about it too much because I enjoy not having to compete with tehe crowds of other areas. Cherie<

>I just came across your site and I am so happy to see the surf cam! I lived at Beacons for five years, and my husband's family lived there since the Great Depression. We lived at 907 Neptune, the little cottage next to Chuck & Hildegard Stubbs. We used to take our dogs down to the beach and hit tennis balls out into the surf for them to fetch. They loved it. We left just after Leucadia turned into the city of Encinitas and we haven't been back since. I have a 9-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son who need to visit the Wild Animal Park and camp in Borrego, so maybe we will visit soon. Now we live in Eugene, Oregon, which is also a very nice place with lots of old Volkswagen buses and tie-dye shirts, but no beach. Oregon has spectacular beaches but they aren't safe to swim or surf in because of all the old logs rolling around in the water. We have an old aerial photo of the beach from the 1930s or '40s, with only a handful of houses on the east side of Neptune. Would you like me to send you a scan to post?<

>kenzie thanks for the heads up on beacons in the morning. I enjoy seeing my favorite spot and friends on the web.great job Richard<

>I surfed Beacons in the seventies during high school when Jeff Williams and a lot of other guys who are no longer around ruled. Hilarious locals only section, great subtitles.

I am bothered however by the Teach your dog to read message. Beacons was the flashpoint for dogs not being allowed on any Encinitas City beaches several years ago, and I'm totally pissed about that. I used to walk to Swami's with my dog in the old days to surf, he'd hang on the sand chewing cobbles and barking orders to his master from the shelf on the point. Sometimes he'd go down to the beach by himself just for kicks, BT (Before Traffic). And he never shitted on the beach.

The point is, dogs are made for the beach, but a lot of irresponsible dog owners who don't give a damn ruined a big part of the special Encinitas lifestyle. Stupid dog owners and pissed off dog haters came to a head at Beacons and the rest is history. Too Bad.

Otherwise, killer site. And Gary Hanel is the best shaper around, he made my boards for many years. Keep up the good work, if you're still around maybe we can do a Beacons story sometime. Gary<

>get a clue. kahuna is a floridian and your idea of whos who at beacons is a f**kin joke . mabye before you create an entire website you should do your homework . just because your an unemployed 40 year old or you own a million dollar home on neptune dosent mean your a local or even a surfer.<

>> Kenzie, I was a student of Gary Hanel in the 80's before the internet got huge. I am trying to get his email address to drop him a line without calling him at the High School. I'm surprised he doesn't have a website for his board shaping!!! I live in Solana Beach near the rivermouth but don't make it up north too often. Mail me back whether you know his email or not, or if you see him ask!!! Thanks a million. - Rich <<

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beacons beach - leucadia state park - surfing web site