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Breaking News

New tot playground at Moonlight 12-30-03

     A new $167,000 playground was completed at Moonlight Beach. Finally a place for all those beach-goer's to play. Read the full story.

Encinitas Surfboards in The Union-Tribune (1-06-04)

     Our local surf shop, Encinitas Surfboards, receive some favorable press. Read about Mark and Doug and how this surf store is doing.

Move over Pamela Lee... There is a new surfer girl in town. 10-6-03

     Our own local surferette Catherine, will be featured on the TV show 'Maternity Ward' - October 6, 2003 at 10pm on TLC. Visit the site.  Can you hear the surfers in the line-up chanting, "Emmy, Emmy, Emmy!"?

Beacon's Beach Cleanup 2003 9-20-03

     On September 20th, we are teaming up with the San Diego Baykeeper and "I Love A Clean San Diego" for the Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. We will be setting up registration tables in the north end of the Beacon's Parking lot at 9 a.m. As reported in last October's, we had a good turnout. We are hoping for a great turnout this year. Besides volunteers, we are looking for local business that would like to support this outstanding event. Leucadia Business's that would like to help can  

There is no surf east of 5? 9-14-03

     Read the latest on the North Carolina Hurricane Season Surf Update from ex-local Ari. He says, "Iíve surfed just about every day for the last 12 days, which began with hurricane surf generated from Hurricane Fabian, which built over a period of 3 days, rising to 2-3 feet overhead (i.e. 8-9 feet) on the fourth and fifth days." Read more.

With the wordsmith gone, who will speak for the waves? 9-9-03

     Gary Taylor, known to most locals as the "Surf Writer" passed after an epic 10-day big-wave surfing trip to Indonesia. Read more on Gary.

Great White Sharks eyeing Beacons? 9-3-03

     As many as three Great White Sharks have been spotted just 30 miles north at San Onofre. These sharks were seen just inside the surf line-up. Read more about the men in the gray suits.

Long time local Chuckie Stubbs, passes 8-23-03

     You know him, you have seen him - a real local... Chuck has lived at Beacon's before Beacon's was cool. More on the life and times of Chuckie.

Is Beacon's Becoming a Mine Field? 7-27-03

     On Sunday, July 27, a startling object washed ashore between Beacons Beach and Grandview. The area was cleared out in less than 10 minutes. The Encinitas Fire Department was on the scene to investigate the unknown object. This object resembled an ocean mine and the Fire Department called in the Navy to remove it. But, as it turns out, the mine was actually only a mine shape; an object used by the Navy for practice and drills. A lifeguard that was interviewed said that the mine must have had a loose anchor and was dislodged by a current. The lifeguards quickly removed the object from the beach and disposed of it. All beach-goers should not expect another mine shape to wash ashore anytime soon and enjoy the warm water.

BeaconsBeach is Mentioned in the Coast News by Chris Ahrens 7-24-03

     The July 24, 2003 The Coast News article that mentions Beacon's Beach: Sea Notes by Chris Ahrens: There are new locals there, a surf school and a Web site,, operated by a local surfer and Beaconís lover named Kenzie. Visiting the site you will come upon memorable characters that frequent the spot: Dean Redfield, who began surfing there in the late í50s, is among them, along with Gary the Enforcer; jazz great Peter Sprague; Zoe; Jen the Ripper; Carolyn and Doug Jopes; Lexi; the fabulous Unsworth boys; Fireman Chuck; Papa Gus; and Charger Bobby Bethard. Read the entire article

Leucadia's Growth Plan: Keep Leucadia Funky or Growth 7-3-03

     The Union Tribune discusses Leucadia's options.  Read the full story on Leucadia here.

Bigger Than Macy's Thanksgiving Parade - The Neptune Avenue Fourth of July Parade 7-4-03

     The SIXTH annual Neptune Avenue Parade occurs on July 4th at 3:30pm. They need floats, flags, patriotic dress and anything else to liven the spirits. This gala event will begin at 3:30 pm at the corner of Athena and Neptune Avenue. Expecting lots of marching (staggering), horn honking and general good times. Call 760-439-1898 for details, ask for Lawrence of Leucadia, not to be confused with Kenzie of Leucadia...See all the 2003 pictures here...See all the 2002 pictures here.

Beacon's Stairway Update 6-18-03

     Tentative design will fill the hill to make the slope at a more gentle angle, there are two versions for a new parking lot design. Read all about it and see the layout. Read the comments form locals about the new pathway proposal

     Tentative design will fill the hill to make the slope at a more gentle angle, there are two versions for a new parking lot design. Read all about it and see the layout.

SARS Outbreak? 5-27-03

     Almost two years after the sand replenishment project, the reefs have SARS - Surf Altering Reef Sand. Yes it is true, the once great reef breaks of Beacon's appear to be buried under at least a foot of sand. Resulting in poor quality waves and the general migration of surfers to other breaks.

Beacon's Stairway Update 6-5-03

     Tentative design will fill the hill, close the trail for 4-6 months, have a new parking lot design and provide a new safer path.  The first of many City of Encinitas meetings revealed the first details of the proposed changes to the path and beacons. Read all about it and see the layout.

Murder in Leucadia? 4-27-03

     Police block off Neptune Avenue to investigate body..

Leucadia to get Unfunky? 4-12-03

     Encinitas did it, but will Leucadia. Read about how monies may be available to clean-up the 101 merchants.

Attack of the Killer Jellyfish? 4-23-03

     They are back - those pesky purple-blue jellyfish are turning up on Beacon's Beach. Read about these by-the-wind sailors of the sea.

Encinitas Street Fair 4-1-03

     The 20th Annual Encinitas Street Fair is happening April 5th and 6th 2003 on Highway 101.

Look out J.Lo and Pamela Lee 3-31-03

     Kathryn, a local surfer and RN at Scripps is being featured on Maternity at the Lifetime TV channel.

Beacon's to get More Crowded 12-15-02

     Fireman Chuck retired from the fire department and instead of a silver fire axe was given a new surfboard. You think he surfed a lot when he was working... wait to you see him in the line-up all the time.

Dropping in? 12-3-02

     Previously, when Beacon's locals were on Leucadia, crossing 101 to go up the hill leading to the beach, they had to be in the left hand lane in order to go straight. The city changed the lane pattern, so now the left hand lane can only turn left and the right hand lane is used in order to go straight. Often you have a car in each lane, trying to go straight to Beacon's. Comments can be directed to the city of Encinitas - traffic engineering department - Raymond, 760-633-2790.

Truck Goes Over Bluff 11-24-2002

     Three vandals stole a pick-up truck and drove it through the guard rail at the top of Beacon's Beach. The truck, with it's engine still running, hit railroad ties that were securing the path, half way down Beacon's path.  See the pictures.

Stairway to Heaven? Part III 11-6-2002

     We contacted Phil Cotton, Director of Community Services, at the city of Encinitas for an update and he wrote, "Nothing new at this time - we are however making progress on our soils / geological studies of area. As soon as we complete geo work we will be looking to develop a concept for access and then conduct a Community workshop."

Running of the Bulls 10-5-2002

     Encinitas celebrates its birthday with run along Neptune Avenue. This won't be mistaken for the New York Marathon.

Led Zeppelin, Bongs & Condoms 9-21-2002

     Bob Rogers reports that The California Coastal Commission had its annual beach clean up with 68 volunteers. Among the items found included 2 crack pipes, 1 very long bong, 1 - Led Zeppelin 33rpm lp (actually 1/2 of one). Groovy. Guess how many total pounds of trash were picked up from our beach...

Beacon's Vampire Surfing Association Forms 8-30-2002

     A crew of several surfers have created the Beacon's Vampire Surfing Association. When asked what the vampire qualifications are, a member replied, surf when it is dark. Attend a meeting, typically 90 minutes before sunrise, every day of the week. By the time dawn patrol surfers arrive, the Vamp's have ridden scores of uncrowded waves.

New Encinitas Resort Planned 8-28-2002

     Preliminary work begins at site of Encinitas resort - Luxury hotel plans to charge $400-$600 a night for rooms.  Read more.

Leucadia Blvd. Makeover 8-8-2002

     The City of Encinitas is preparing for a 10 month, $1.8 million dollar makeover for Leucadia Blvd. starting in October of 2003.

An Artificial Reef at Moonlight? 8-8-2002

     The Army corps is looking into Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach, Moonlight in Encinitas, and Carlsbad beach in Carlsbad for an experimental project to help prevent erosion by putting in an artificial reef to retain sand.  The reef should also make for good fishing and surfing :).

Attack of the Killer Squids? 7-20-2002

     The San Diego Union reports that the 2-foot jumbo squids are washing up by the dozens along the shore from Imperial Beach to Encinitas.  Read More.

Drilling for Oil? 7-8-2002

     City authorizes core samples on bluff top to determine stability for new stairway.

The 5th Annual Neptune Avenue Parade 7-4-2002

     Bigger than the Rose Bowl Parade, more floats than the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, more fun than.... well, you get the idea. The 5th Annual Neptune Avenue Parade was the largest in its brief history. Hundreds participated and millions lined Neptune Avenue. See all the pictures here.

Sex Offenders Living Near Beacons 7-3-2002

     Go to the Encinitas Sheriff's Department map

Attack of the Killer Crabs 5-7-2002

     Red Tuna Crabs have been washing up on Beacons Beach. 
Read more in the San Diego Union Tribune

Stairway to Heaven Part II 5-6-02

     Phil Cotton, interim Director of Community Services gave us an update on the proposed stairway. He said that a grant for the state for $2M has been obtained and as of now, preliminary surveying had been done. Next it will enter a concept design phase, which is expected to take six months.

Moonlight Beach Council Meeting 2-13-2002 

     Master Plan to be decided 

Peter Sprague Jazzman in Surfer Magazine  2-1-2002

     Local Peter Sprague is profiled in the February 2002 issue.

Doug & Carolyn Found Love With Surfing at Beacon's (a Union Tribune story) 2-19-2002

     The San Diego Union Tribune profiles Carolyn and Doug, and how they met via surfing. It was love at first drop in. ""Surfing is the toughest thing I've ever had to do," she said. "I wanted to surf so bad, I had to marry the guy." Read the whole story at the Tribune.

Beacon's Beach Stairway Plans on Track 2-7-2002

     The Coast News details the latest info.  (But they have no archives on their web site, so we scanned it)

Beacon's Beach to get New Stairway 2-1-2002

     The North County Times reports the City Council approved a $250,000 contract with the San Diego-based Schmidt Design Group Inc. for the planning and design stages of the project. Read the article

Encinitas Named Top 10 Surf Town 2-1-2002

     We knew it, now the world does...

Beacon's Beach to get New $2.7M Stairway 1-30-2002

     The North County Times reports the latest on the new stairway.

Stairway to Heaven - Part 2 8-25-2001

     The City of Encinitas has received a $2.8 million grant to help construct a permanent life guard tower and a high quality stairway from the Beacon's Beach parking lot to the new sand. It will take one year to complete. More info

A Rolling Stone (Steps) Gathers No Sand 8-17-2001

     Residents of Stone Steps find out they won't be receiving any sand from the SANDAG project. Read the North County Times report.


San Diego Union features 8-11-2001

     The San Diego Union Tribune interviewed Kenzie, Soul Proprietor of and discovers how the webmistress conducts business on the net. Read the entire surfing story on Kenzie, Beacon's Beach and the surf cam.

San Diego Union Tribune Gets Local 7-19-2001

     A sports reporter and photographer from the San Diego Union Tribune visit for a possible future story. Reporter learns how to say "Dude."

Red Tide Outbreak 7-10-2001

     A large red tide outbreak has occurred this week off Beacons. Read about red tide.

News 8 Reports Live 7-5-2001

     Meteorologist Matt Baylow of News 8 brought the Microclimate Van to Beacon's for a live weather report.

Neptune Avenue Explodes 7-4-2001
fireworks start early on neptune avenue

     The 4th annual, July 4th parade exploded into action on Neptune Avenue. It was the largest parade yet with over 20 participants in wild costumes. See the fireworks.

The Sandman Cometh  6-10-2001
sand dredging at beacons beach sand dredging

     From June 5th through June 15th, Beacon's Beach received 130,000 cubic yards of sand as part of the San(d) Diego Beach Sand Project. A sand barge vacuumed sand from outside the kelp beds and then used a pipe to deposit the clean sand on our beach. More info and pictures on the sand replenishment project.

Palapa Angels Strike  6-10-2001

     Practicing random acts of kindness, and using the cover of 6" to 12" waves coupled an early morning surprise attack, the Palapa Angels created a new palapa on the beach. More info and pictures on the Palapa Angels.

Stairway to Heaven?  6-5-2001
beacons path to the beach

     The City of Encinitas has applied for a grant to help construct a high quality stairway from the Beacon's Beach parking lot to the new sand. Let's cross our fingers and hope we get a desperately needed stairway. More info and pictures on the proposed stairway project.

Tower of Power?  6-5-2001
life guard tower at beacons

     The City of Encinitas bought a new lifeguard tower for Beacon's Beach.  The old lifeguard tower was moved to Grandview Beach. The city will also be manning the lifeguard tower all summer long. More info and pictures on the new lifeguard tower.

Beacon's Beach in Outside Magazine

     At Beacon's, after riding The Beast clear to shore, I'd walked to the top of the bluff and met Rod Aries, a big guy in his forties who is a former ballplayer turned surfer. Aries owned the house across the street, and so for him, checking the break was a morning ceremony. When I told him about catching my first wave, he shook his head with mock sadness and said, "It's all downhill from here, buddy."

More news at 11...

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