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I am not much of a shopper.  Ten minutes a mall, grocery store or shopping with my wife and I have seen everything I need to see.  I am done and I ready to leave.  With surf shops, however, I have a higher endurance level. 

On those numerous days between rideable waves, many a surf craving has been relieved by going to Encinitas Surf, 101 Sports or Longboard Grotto and just looking at the new and used boards.  Frequently, I will take Kenzie with me, because at a very early age we took walks in a backpack and would stop in surf shops to browse.  To keep her occupied, I let her hold a bar of surfwax.  I looked at used boards and felt the indentations, looked at the home repairs where boards had snapped in half and wondered how well each board would catch waves. 

I had a board to sell so I went to the Longboard Grotto to get ideas on prices.  The Grotto is reminiscent of the old Burma Shave signs along America’s highways.  It is much fun to read the descriptive cards on the surfboards as to look at the boards themselves.  A few examples of the description of new longboards:

If noseriding is king, then this board is the throne.

 If you can’t wrap your toes on the nose of this board,
you should consider taking up stamp collecting.

A clean and functional noserider.  Great lines.  Great foil.
Nothing to fancy, except for maybe your footwork.

 The choice is yours.  Stand here scratchin’ your ass, reading these cards all day,

or buy this new Hobie and go and do something worthwhile with your life.

 A beautifully hand-crafted piece of coastal folk art.

Slip this board into your tattered board bag, and the old lady will never know. 

Catch waves out in the kelp beds and ride them until the fin drags in the sand. 

I wrote my ad. People would see the board for sale and walk up.  They would look it over from top to bottom, then read the ad.  Some would smile, some just shook their head.  Either way, they would then touch the rails, walk to the other side to look at the deck.  The process was repeated over and over. 

Kenzie always has loved the smell of surfwax.  The coconut smell is still her favorite.  As she got older I would go over to the boards and she would stand in front of the packages of wax.  Picking each one up, Kenzie inhaled deeply, and then putting it back, often in the wrong place, and grabbing another bar to compare the scent. 

One day she may pick up her board and head to the beach, and she will smell the surfwax and maybe recall those trips to the surf shop with her Dad.

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